Past Comments

June Issue 2010
by Tom Starland

Summer Has Arrived

Well, it's no surprise that it has begun to heat up in the Carolinas, although every year we all hope that Mother Nature will forget that it is hot here during the summer. Of course if we got the weather from the Northeast - it might be 60 degrees today instead of the 85 it is as I write this. Later this summer I'll remember how great that high of 85 was when the lows become 85. Oh well - it's better than going through an Alaskan winter.

A Shortage Of Space

As you may have noticed when you picked this issue up - we are smaller - much smaller than our May issue - eight pages smaller.

It's a good thing I have Carolina Arts Unleashed (my blog) to offer all the commentary I wasn't able to fit in this limited space, but my space reflects the reduced space in the paper. As for all the articles and gallery listings we couldn't fit in - check our website version of Carolina Arts at (

Summer is a time to slow down in the Carolinas, but not a time to totally relax or get lax. In fact, with a lot of the institutional gallery spaces winding down for the summer - it's a good time to promote your commercial gallery or exhibit - with a paid ads. Hint! Hint!

Well, even though our issue is small, it is still packed with lots of info about exhibitions and other visual art events taking place this month and into next month. Get out and see some of this art and remember - most of these exhibits are housed in spaces filled with lots of air conditioning. You won't melt - the art won't melt and if you go to some event outside - you won't melt and the art won't melt. Believe me!

Editor's Note: Yes, the commentary was that short this month, but as I said above, you can find lots of juicy commentary on my blog at Carolina Arts Unleashed (


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