Past Comments

October Issue 2008
by Tom Starland

It's Time to Act

I've been told to stick to commenting about the arts and leave politics alone. I've been told I don't know a thing about the arts and should leave that to the professionals. Frankly, I've been told a lot of things I should do and not do. I've even received a few suggestions as to what I should do with this paper. But, I don't remember turning in my citizenship or Congress doing away with the Bill of Rights, so I guess I'll just make my pitch.

During the last 7 1/2 years most of the art community has suffered and been in decline - mostly because the people and companies who support the arts have been too.

I don't think we can take four more years of Republican leadership - whether it's Bush Lite or Maverick style. We need change and that change lies in the Democratic party.

As much as some people don't like that idea - they know I'm right. As is, we'll be lucky if our country's not completely broken and can be fixed by the time the election takes place.

If you care about this country and the art community - you better vote Nov. 4th and you better vote Democratic. And, you better take as many of your friends with you as you can.

Charleston Art Auction

They say the third time's a charm, so I guess this is a big opportunity for you art collectors out there. The 3rd Annual Charleston Art Auction and Gala will take place on Nov. 8, 2008, at the Renaissance Charleston Hotel. It's part of the 10th Fine Arts Annual taking place in Charleston, SC, on Nov. 7 & 8.

Now that folks have had two chances to see what it's all about - it's time to get straight on what you want to go home with - pay attention when the bidding starts and party - only after you have been victorious. Those who spend time talking to the people next to them will only watch others walk away with the goodies.

First off, check out the four color pages in the center of this paper to see what all is being offered. Then request a catalogue and make a plan. Get your money straight - calculate how high you can go, factoring in the "extra" premium - so you're not surprised about the final price. Make a list of first choices, seconds and thirds - a lot of people will want some of the same works of art. But the main thing is - pay attention once the bidding begins. The bidding process moves very fast and they're not going to stop for you.

Do your homework before the event starts. Go to the preview at 6pm and check out the works you're interested in - then get serious.

You'll have 101 opportunities to purchase contemporary works by living artists and some in the category - they're not making any more, by artists who have passed on to the art world beyond - where you never run out of paint and they let you deduct the full value of works you donate to charity.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

I've been told that most of the art community in South Carolina and beyond already know that Nina Liu of Nina Liu and Friends in Charleston, SC, has put her home at 24 State Street - in the heart of the French Quarter Gallery district - up for sale. I beg to differ. I don't think everyone knows about this opportunity.

The historic home is zoned for commercial retail operation - try getting that done in Charleston without a grandfather clause. If you have always wanted to live and have a gallery in Charleston - give her a call at 843/722-2724. You can thank me later.


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