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July 2013

Southern Highland Craft Guild Opens New Gallery in Asheville, NC

The Southern Highland Craft Guild, with headquarters at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC, has a rich heritage. The Guild was formed in 1930 to promote mountain craftspeople so that they could make a living, and so that the region’s rich craft history would continue and thrive. For the last 83 years the Guild has successfully done this through educational outreach, exhibitions, the Craft Fairs of the Southern Highlands, and through craft shops. Continuing this tradition of excellence, the Southern Highland Craft Gallery will be opening this summer in Biltmore Village in Asheville.

The Guild purchased the Biltmore Oteen Bank Building on Lodge Street last year and has been renovating the space over the last several months. The building was completed in 1928. An article in the Asheville Citizen-Times dated Mar. 9, 1928, describes the building, “The exterior of the structure is of brick, trimmed with Indiana limestone. It is a monumental design of the Georgian period, the Corinthian order being employed on the façade.” The Southern Highland Craft Gallery is proud to occupy this beautiful space, bringing to it modern innovations while staying true to its rich history.

The concept of tradition and innovation will also be seen in the artists’ work represented at the gallery. To be a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild artists must prove that they are masters of their craft through a rigorous jury process. The membership represents traditional and contemporary artists living in the mountain counties of nine states from Maryland to Alabama. Visitors to the gallery will not only be able to learn about the rich craft heritage of the region, they will also learn about artists who are stretching the boundaries of their craft with modern, innovative techniques. A wide range of work will be sold in the gallery including pottery, glass, wood, jewelry, fiber, metal, paper, mixed media and natural materials.

The Southern Highland Craft Guild is a non-profit, educational organization established in 1930 to bring together the crafts and craftspeople of the Southern Highlands for the benefit of shared resources, education, marketing, and conservations.

For further info check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/277-6222 or visit (www.craftguild.org)

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