How to do a Gallery Listing

Exhibit Listings

Dear gallery space owner or manager:

We are an arts newspaper which has been publishing in South Carolina since 1987 and in North Carolina since 1997. We are continually adding gallery listings about exhibits or ongoing displays to our large listings covering commercial and institutional exhibition spaces. If you don't see your space listed, maybe it's time you sent us the information so we could include you too. We invite you to send us information about your gallery or exhibition space (North and South Carolina only) - commercial and institutional. All we ask is for you to send us the information we need to list it properly and by the 24th of the month prior to our next issue. The paper is published monthly. All listings we get are included in the paper.

What we need:

Gallery Name: Full name in case of institutions - someone paid good money for that name
Location: Street address, building name, and any directions that will help travelers find you easier - such as Shopping Center names, across from the Post Office, at intersection of Main and South streets, etc.
Dates of exhibit: we need beginning and ending dates
Description: we need title if any, a short description of what visitors will see, names of participating artists, mediums used, even group listings
Ongoing descriptions: if you don't present exhibits, this would be a description of what you offer on a daily basis
It is advised that you should send color electronic images (jpgs or tifs) at least 3" wide at 300 dpi. If we need larger files, we will contact you.
Hours: you are open
Admission: if any
Contact: area code and phone number, and website URL - if you have them. In some cases give the person's name who should be asked for and ext. numbers.

You can send this info by mail to: Carolina Arts, P.O. Drawer 427, Bonneau, SC 29431; and by e-mail to ( We prefer e-mail, but make sure you identify what you are sending in the subject line. We do take attachments in Word or RTF formats, images as jpgs, tifs, bitmaps, etc. You can also copy and paste your info into the body of your email. We're sorry, but we do not have any ability to open a Publisher file, so if you can't send something to us any other way, please call us.

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