The Carolina Art Blog Community

Since starting this blog I’ve learned that I’m part of an informal community of other art bloggers – many are artists, some are people in the gallery business, some are promoting the arts, and some others just like to talk about their experiences with the visual arts and arts in general.

Much like with the internet I’m amazed at the speed with which entries you make in your blog on one day can end up on other blogs the next day – if not sooner. It’s quite a shock to my normal communicating system of writing some commentary in one month and people reacting to it the next month – while my head is thinking of the next commentary.

We’re adding some links to a few of these blogs on this blog so our viewers can read what else is being written out there. You can find the links to the right of the page.

I’ve been following some of these blogs such as, Machinations of a Distracted Mind by painter Christopher Rico; Art In Stitches – a day to day journal of fiber artist Susan Lenz; and nightswimming – by sculptor and painter Doug McAbee. Reading blog entries by these artists really gives you some insight on what artists go through in their day to day lives, show you work they are doing, and keeps you up with where they are showing their works. It’s a view we don’t often get when looking at exhibitions of art hanging on a wall or displayed in a gallery space.

Other blogs like Around and About with Bulldog Pottery – Seagrove, NC; Artsails1 – by artist Jean Bourque; Inside Tria’s head: displaying works that question others by Tria Turrou; and Sawdust and Dirt – documenting the goings on in the workshop of NC potter Michael Kline, show you how networking between blogs can carry issues from one place to another – as fast as texting.

Information you’ll find in a blog is much different from what you’ll find on websites. In fact, in time blogs may become the new website for many people on the internet.

We’re also thinking about starting a blog directory for art bloggers in the Carolinas on our website (Carolina Arts) – as the list might get pretty long to keep adding new links to this blog.

If you are an art blogger in North or South Carolina (visual arts only) and want to be added to such a directory, send us your info by e-mail to ( – put Blog Directory in the subject line) and we’ll start building the directory.

Bloggers associated with The State newspaper – need not apply. What goes around comes around.

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