Blog Name

I was describing to a group of people what I thought the purpose of doing a blog would be – what it would mean for readers and how it would relate to Carolina Arts – the printed paper and website. A lot of names were shouted out and at the same time, my wife Linda and a friend came up with Carolina Arts Unleashed. That was their idea of what was happening – that my “keepers” were taking off the leash which had restrained me in the past. Now for many of my loyal commentary readers, it might seem hard to imagine that I have been restrained in writing my commentary, but I have. There have been many times that what was first written by me was toned down – way down at times. I tend to say what I mean and what I feel – without regard for being politically correct or unmercifully blunt. I also at times don’t seem to consider what the reaction of advertisers might be, but overall the response of readers and advertisers has been supportive and positive. Many people feel that I am the voice of opposition in the face of a one view system – a system which is telling them to play ball by their rules or don’t play at all. Since I’m not interested in playing their game, I have nothing to lose by voicing a differing opinion. And, although I have lost much by expressing my opinions and those of others – I’m just not willing to stay quiet at any cost. Not after 20 years of being witness to stupid, myopic, and unsuccessful policies – maintained by people who have their own interest at heart, above the interest of the whole. So Carolina Arts Unleashed seems appropriate, but in my opinion, the only restraints I’ve felt have been that of space and timing.

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