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Carolina Arts Unleashed is an outlet for me (Tom Starland) to have more opportunities to express my opinion on what’s taking place in the visual art community of the Carolinas. I will also express my opinion on other issues taking place in the greater Carolina community, and anything else that might grab my attention – be it politics, the economy, environment, movies, music, etc.

For some time, the printed version of Carolina Arts just hasn’t been able to provide the space for comments on the many things that I feel compelled to voice my opinion on. A monthly publication can in no way keep up with the volume of events and issues which take place during one month, much less one week and sometimes a day. This blog will also provide more space for comments about exhibitions taking place in the Carolinas – something we are always too short on.

Never short of an opinion on just about anything, I do not profess to be right on every issue I might comment on, but I will explain my reasons for voicing an alternative view. Also, I do not expect to offer a constant rant of negative views.

This blog will not be a bulletin board open to all who would want to chime in – under the cover of anonymity. I have always identified myself as the writer of commentary offered in Carolina Arts and will expect anyone who wishes to offer their views and opinions also to do so. I welcome the participation of others as long as they stick to the issues at hand (email your comments to info@carolinaarts.com with “blog”in the subject line). And, for those who would challenge me for verbiage volume – get your own blog.

Finally, I fully expect that everything I have said is subject to change. The blog medium is new to me and I imagine that the format will evolve over time. What I say won’t happen today – may happen tomorrow. Who knows, I might just run out of things to say – if you can believe that.

Tom Starland
Carolina Arts

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