Tracking the Numbers of the July 2011 Issue of Carolina Arts


If you want a lesson into why you should avoid planning any event at the same time as a major holiday weekend – the stats for our July 2011 issue of Carolina Arts can be a good example. Unfortunately we’ll have to deal with two such events each year – New Year’s Eve and Day and July 4th. Labor Day could be a problem, but by that time people are ready for Summer to be over and at least here in the South – children will be back in school.

The total number of downloads of the PDF of the July 2011 issue was 33,726. That’s down almost 20,000 from June and a little more than half the total for May. But, nothing illustrates the impact of the July 4th weekend better than the fact that in the first two days of August – our August 2011 issue has been downloaded over 34,000 times.

I’ve got some ideas about changing that effect next year. First, I’ll make sure our July issue contains a blistering commentary – as long as I can find something or someone to rag on. Then I might delay our e-mail blast or at least send it twice as a reminder. And, maybe it’s time to present our first nude cover. After all, what are the arts without nudity. The big question will be – male, female or animal?

One odd, but shinning factor of the July stats was that our website set a record for visitor sessions – 81, 442. The next highest was during May with 68,418. What does this mean?

Well it’s clear that during the beginning of July, not many of our regular friends sent the link of our PDF out on their e-mail lists or those people who receive that e-mail didn’t see it as they were busy celebrating our nation’s birthday, recovering from that celebration, or were in the process of escaping from reality to what some folks call vacation. It also means that in the void of that wave of e-mails spreading around – folks went to our website to find out what was going on – all on their own – which is great. You don’t have to download the PDF to find out what’s going on at the website. We’ll see if those numbers keep up next month or fall back to normal. We already know the PDF e-mail wave is working better this month.

The Other Numbers

And, let’s start out with the (other) which totaled to 64,808 in July. Here’s a link to an explanation of the (other). I’m tired of talking about them.

As far as downloads of back issues, the ever popular March 2011 issue drew in 5,512 downloads – half of what it did in June. The January 2011 issue attracted 754 downloads, February received 330, June received 236, May just 61, and the April issue was once again a no show – so far down the list I couldn’t find it.

But here’s the strange thing about that. The July issue had 471,408 hits. Our all time winner as far as hits goes was that April 2011 issue which attracted 723,940 hits.

One day I’ll run into someone who has a PhD in Internet stats and maybe they can explain some of these mysteries as I am at a loss for figuring some of these things out.


And, during the rest of August I’m going to spend my days in meditation on the top of a mountain in Katmandu, dreaming at night of Summer days when I went swimming in Lake Superior as a young boy, and keeping an eye on the clock waiting for 5pm when I take a break and go downstairs to the cooler part of our home to watch old episodes of Cheers or maybe the NFL Network now that there is going to be a Pro Football season.


What gets you through August in the Carolinas?

One more thing. This month we also asked those folks on our e-mail list if they would help increase the number of “Likes” on Carolina Arts‘ Facebook page at ( We’ve already received about 30 in the first two days pushing us over 300. We’re hoping to get to a number which is more a reflection of our readership – in the 1,000s one day. Help us out if you can.

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