Tracking the Numbers of the September 2011 Issue of Carolina Arts


Well – it’s official – holidays that fall at the very beginning of the month are real bummers for online newspaper distribution. Labor Day weekend took the wind out of our sails and we never recovered. Our total downloads for September were 37,344. That’s better than the damage the July 4th weekend did making our total for July 33,726. But I bet the totals for the October issue of Carolina Arts will be much better. It was our largest issue ever with 76 pages.

Look, since this is our first year at this online stuff I’m not totally expecting one thing or another as far as totals go, but once you’ve had an issue like May that brought in 61,199 downloads, you wonder why they all can’t be that way. Life has its roadblocks – like holidays, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. We have to work around what life throws at us.

Our first place winner in September was the (other) category with 61,048 and I think this is the last time I’m going to include it as it seems to be just a bunch of – maybe, perhaps and or it could be – stuff. I’ve explained so many times that our server says that they could be downloads but we just don’t know what they represent that I’m ready to just say – yada, yada, ya.

Number two was the downloads of the entire paper at 37,344.

We have a new third place contender with the June issue bringing in 2,599 downloads with July right on its heels with 2,495 downloads.

The former cult issue of March only brought in 2,275 downloads, but it was still twice as many as our January issue which had only 1,362. But March is still the all time leader when you add up all it downloads from month to month – nearing 100,000 downloads.

In sixth place was February with 743 downloads and seventh place was taken by the August issue with 587 downloads.

Coming in at a distant eighth place spot was May our all time monthly leader with 355 downloads. And, for the first time is many months we have 67 downloads for our long lost April issue. All previous issues showed up in the top 200. It’s good to see April back in the mix. I bet if people took a second look at April they’d wonder why it’s being so ignored.

We had 71,760 individual sessions on our website with 513,049 hits – slightly down from August. I guess people have more to do now that Summer is over.

That’s the numbers. We’ll have a report on how the October issue did in its first ten days – in about a week or so.

If you didn’t receive notice of the Oct. 2011 issue be available the link to download the paper is (

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