President Barack Obama – The Day the Earth Stood Still

At noon today, that’s pretty much what will happen all over the world. I know Linda and I will be stopping what we’re doing to sit and watch this new era begin. I can’t imagine why anyone won’t be doing the same.

I’m beginning to think the number 44 will be my new lucky number. I don’t know what my old lucky number was, but it wasn’t working too well.

I’m not expecting our new President to work miracles, but I do expect him to deliver an attitude change of – Yes We Can! and Yes We Will! That will be a big change from the last decades of – What Now? Those days are over and the past is the past.

This is what America is all about – opportunity, compromise, doing the right thing, looking to the future, being a good neighbor, and leadership – at least the America I believe in.

I’m ready for this new era – bring it on!

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