The July 2012 Issue of Carolina Arts is Now Ready to Download


The July 2012 issue of Carolina Arts is up on our website at ( – all 60 pages of it. We had over 110,000 downloads of the June issue. That’s pretty good for a Summer issue and the third month in a row with over 100,000 downloads each month.

We ask that you help us bring the news about the Carolina visual art community to others by spreading the link for the download around to your e-mail lists and posting it on your Facebook page. Once people see all that is going on in the visual art community they will spread it around to their lists and on their Facebook pages.

The link is: (

If you would like to get direct notice that our latest issue is ready to be downloaded you can send us an e-mail to ( to be placed on our mailing list.

So download that PDF and dig in – it makes for good lazy Summer reading. And, don’t forget to find a way to thank our advertisers – they make the paper possible.

By the way – July 2012 marks our 25th year of producing an arts newspaper. Thank you all for making that possible.

Thanks – Tom and Linda Starland
Carolina Arts

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