View From A Red State

I know my vote Tuesday won’t make much difference as far as the Electoral College goes, but I’m going to cast it for our President anyway – because I’m a free American. The popular vote counts too – really. It’s my privilege as a registered voter and I’m going to cast my ballot – no matter how long the line and no matter that I’ll be surrounded by folks voting for the other guy. I’ll also be voting to make this state a little less red. I never vote a straight ticket as there are good people on both sides.

In America, we’re not born red, blue or undecided – we’re born free. Although some are born more free by their economic circumstances, but on election day – we’re all equal – if we are registered and exercise our privilege to vote. And when the voting is done – most of us – not all, accept the results. Some go on to fight the winner until the next election. They’re the “my way or the highway” folks. It would be nice to not have our country wagging a campaign all the time. It would be nice if after the election our “representatives” got to work on building the best America we can – for all – in the spirit of compromise.

That’s why I’m voting Tuesday – even though I live in a solidly red state. If you’re registered – go vote. Exercise your privilege as an American. A lot of folks around the world would have no idea what that feels like. I always feel great when I vote – I wish we voted more often.

And, you folks in North Carolina – you do the same.

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