Carolina Arts has a New Site for Press Releases – Carolina Arts News

As usual, it always takes us longer to prepare something new than we had hoped, but we finally setup this new site, Carolina Arts News for the kind of press releases that have been filling up Carolina Arts Unleashed. We still have some work to do on the site, but it is up and running.

Why do we need a new site? Like with all things, it started with just a few press releases that came after our deadlines – too late for publication in the printer paper and too late to post on the website. Once people found that this was a second life for their late actions – more releases came – some too important to just ignore. If you give people an inch they’ll take a mile and before long things just got out of hand. Luckily, only a few people take advantage, but then others get confused about when to send info.

Our mission at Carolina Arts is to bring the most news we can about the Carolina visual art community in a timely fashion so readers can make plans to attend some of these exhibits and events, but we can’t run a 24/7 news wire service. We just don’t have the resources and time to do that – at least not while we are still producing a printed paper that has to be physically delivered throughout North and South Carolina.

So, we hope Carolina Arts News will provide that service as best we can and Carolina Arts Unleashed can get back to what it was set up to be – an outlet for my views on what’s going on out there. But, for a little bit more – we will still be bringing you news about pottery events here.

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