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Possibility of a New Advertising Opportunity for Individual Artists at Carolina Arts

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

The key word here is “possibility” – this is not a new offer.

I have gotten a request from an individual artist who asked if I could offer a page for ads by individual artists in the Carolinas in Carolina Arts. I said we already have such a program – it’s our regular ads and individual artists have been using them for years. But, what they wanted was something different and something cheaper than what we now offer. I think we’re pretty cheap already. Plus, I’m not keen on undercutting our regular advertisers. But, this person insisted individual artists need a break on advertising, and, also thinks it would be good to have their ads grouped together.

After some discussion back and forth I got the feeling that this person didn’t think I was being very flexible. I explained that what they were asking for would be a big pain in the rear for us to manage and maintain, but not wanting to be inflexible I came up with an offer and this person claims that artists will “jump” on this offer. My 25 years of experience tells me differently, but I have been proven wrong before. I don’t usually admit it – ask Linda, but it has happened.

After thinking about the request and the work it would mean on our part I came up with an offer that we could maybe live with. I took a look at a page and made three columns. Leaving some space to give the page a name, the page gives 12 spaces – three rows by four spaces which are about 3 1/4″ wide by 3 3/4″ tall (not set in stone yet). We would offer this special opportunity to artists (individual artists only) and charge $20 a month. We would require them to pay six months ahead – to keep them from pulling out after two months. And, we will only run this page while all 12 slots are full. After one page is full – we’ll only add another page after 12 more artists are signed up and paid. We’ll have a standby list for people waiting for any individual who wants to stop after six months to replace them.

If artists are supplying their ads “copy ready” (to our specs) they can change their ad each month as long as they submit the change before our monthly deadline. If we are putting the ad together for the artists, we will only make slight changes – every other month – if needed, and only if requests for changes are made well before each deadline. The best thing is for the ads to stay the same over the six month period.

In my opinion this could be like trying to herd cats. So, at any point when managing this becomes a major hassle – we would stop the program – if it even starts.

If you look at our regular ad sizes and prices on our website, for $15 more you could have a 1/4 page ad $5. more for an 1/8 page ad. But, I’m just trying to be flexible.

If you want to “jump” on this opportunity to be one of The Twelve – possibly a name for the page, but then I guess we would have to call the second page – The Next Twelve – contact us by e-mail at ( or call 843/825-3408.

This is a limited time offer, which means if we don’t hear from 12 people in a reasonable amount of time, this offer will no longer be available.