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Info Offered At Carolina Arts’ Website

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I just finished loading up some info to our website at Carolina Arts Online.For years we’ve been receiving e-mails about all sorts of things going on in the visual art community of the Carolinas. This is stuff we don’t and wouldn’t have room for in the printed version of the paper – like the results of juried shows which have taken place. These pages are very popular with artists. They like seeing their names as winning awards or being included in juried show or to see who got in when they didn’t. We have these results going back ten years.

Then there is our ART NEWS section. It carries all kinds of info about the visual arts. Here you can find out info about lectures being offered, dated call for enties for juried show, dated opportunities (for all kinds of things) and news about artists, art administrators, and arts organizations. We get this kind of info on a regular basis and we try to post it as soon as we can, but it does take a backseat to the printed paper. And, sometimes people don’t give us much time to let you know about things before the deadline is up.

We also receive info about art groups’ meetings, fundraisers, and tours.

I just wanted some of our blog readers to know a little bit more about what can be found on our website. Some of you may have known about this, but some may not have known. So, now you do.