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December 17, 2011, is Another Active Pottery Day in Seagrove, NC

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

On Dec. 17, 2011, the Seagrove, NC area – the center of NC pottery – will be very active with special holiday kiln openings and open house events. We have some info on a few of these events, but remember – it’s just before Christmas – any of the Seagrove area potteries would be happy to see you at their door with the intention of draining your bank account trying to finish your holiday shopping list. Remember these key words – buy American – buy handmade – buy local – buy art – buy for yourself. Be your own job creator.

We’ll provide all the street addresses involved so you can let Google pull up a map you can print out or stop at the NC Pottery Center and pick up one of the handy maps of the Seagroce area potteries. And, just to be polite, check out the exhibits on view at the Pottery Center.

We’ll start on the fringe with Donna Craven Pottery which will be hosting a Holiday Open House from 8:30am-5pm. The pottery is located at 2616 Old Cox Road in Asheboro, NC – more like between Asheboro and Seagrove.

Join them as they celebrate the holiday season with new pots from the upcoming firing, refreshments and more!

For further details call 336/629-8173 or e-mail to (

Bulldog Pottery will be hosting their Holiday Kiln Opening from 9am-5pm. The pottery is located at 3306 Alt. 220, going south from Seagrove. Look for the big blue water tower.


Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke will have new moka glaze pottery ready. Come see the latest and hottest Bulldog pots of 2011, fresh from the kiln.

Ask them why they are not named – Max the Wonder Bulldog Pottery.

For further details call 336/302-3469, e-mail to ( or visit (

Chris Luther Pottery will be having a Kiln Opening from 10am-5pm. The pottery is located at 4823 Busbee Road, just outside of Seagrove.

The pottery will introduce new glazes and shapes for 2012.

For further details call 336/301-3254, e-mail to ( or visit (

Ben Owen Pottery will be presenting its Holiday Chinese Red Kiln Opening with a preview and refreshments from 9-9:50am and the opening from 10am-5pm. The pottery is located at 2199 S. Hwy. 705, (the Pottery Highway) South of Seagrove.


There will be an abundance of Chinese Red and other glazes will be available as well. They hope to see you there!

For further details call 336/879-2262, e-mail to ( or visit (

Seagrove Stoneware Inn & Pottery will be hosting its Annual Kiln Opening & Gallery Sale (no hours were given, but lets say 10am-5pm). The pottery is located at 136 West Main Street in “downtown” Seagrove.

Join them for their annual kiln opening and gallery sale featuring new work, one of a kind pieces, and special discounts in the gallery. The sale is both Saturday and Sunday.

For further details call 336/873-8283, e-mail to ( or visit (

Dean and Martin Pottery will be having its Holiday Kiln Opening from 9am to 5pm. The pottery is located at 7739 Nathan Lane, outside of Seagrove.

Come out to their shop for a visit and see their new work.

For further details call 336-879-0683, e-mail to ( or visit (

We’ve also heard that Johnston & Gentithes Art Pottery will also be having a holiday event on Dec. 17th, but we have no details. They are located at 249 East Main Street in “downtown” Seagrove. Let’s say it would be safe to give them hours of 10am-5pm.

For details call 336/873-9176 or visit (

Work from JLK Jewelry

Of course while you’re in the Seagrove area you could also check out other potteries who happen to be supporters of Carolina Arts including: Eck McCanless Pottery, at 6077 Old US Hwy. 220, Seagrove; From The Ground Up Pottery, at 172 Crestwood Road, Robbins; JLK Jewelry at Jugtown, at 330 Jugtown Road, Seagrove; Whynot Pottery, at 1013 Fork Creek Mill Road, Seagrove; and Wyndham & Brooke Haven Pottery Gallery, at 209 East Main Street in “downtown” Seagrove.

Hey, you could even stop by Phil Morgan Pottery, at 966 Hwy. 705, (the Pottery Highway) just outside of “downtown” Seagrove. Ask him if he’s ready to give Christmas back? Just joking – I hear he’s a pretty good potter.

To find out information about other potteries in the Seagrove area, visit ( or ( And, once you get your hands on a map, you’ll see you can map out a more convenient route from pottery to pottery than the order mentioned here.

Good shopping!

Find Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift on Busbee Road, Seagrove, NC – Feb. 11-12, 2011

Saturday, January 15th, 2011


Valentine’s Day is about celebrating those you love. What better gift than something handmade by an artist. The Seagrove Potters of Historic Busbee Road are planning a weekend shopping experience designed to fit your Valentine’s Day shopping needs,  on Friday, Feb. 11 and Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011.

Ten shops, including three museums, a jeweler, a blacksmith and a wide variety of other crafts, all in less than a three mile scenic drive, where pottery has been made continuously for over 100 years will offer their creative talents. There is something for everyone on your list in the shops starting on Busbee Road at Pottery Highway 705 and ending at Jugtown Road.

Works by Travis Owens of Jugtown Pottery

Ben Owen Pottery will feature pieces in the Chinese Red for a special Valentine’s weekend beginning Feb. 11. For info call 910/464-2261 or visit (

Chris Luther Pottery will feature large vases, bottles, teapots, and smaller functional wares in a variety of multi-layered colors.  Chris will also be demonstrating on Feb. 12, at the studio for visitors. For further info call 336/301-3254 or visit (

Westmoore Pottery’s shop will be decorated for Valentine’s Day. On both days the Farrell’s will feature pottery with hearts and will serve Valentine’s Day refreshments. For further info call 910/464-3700 or visit (

Hickory Hill Pottery will serve light refreshments and feature their Mauve and Mauve and White glazes, and their handmade, large and small cake pans. For further info call 910/464-3166.

Works by Jennie Lorette Keatts of JLK Jewelry

Mill Creek Forge, a blacksmith shop owned by Jerry Darnell, will have several items including hooks and hangers made up around the heart theme. For further info call 910/464-3888 or visit (

O’Quinn Pottery will have light refreshments made by Sandra O’Quinn, and will feature heart shaped bowls along with a fresh kiln load of pottery. For further info call 910/464-5125.

Cady Clay Works will have a nice selection of pieces available.  For further info call 910/464-5661 or visit (

“Original” Owens Pottery will have their signature Owens red glaze, and a fresh supply of dinnerware. For further info call 910/464-3553 or visit (

Moore Pots Pottery will feature animals, including elephants, chickens, goats, and lions. You will find vases, jars, and faces jugs among the pieces from the latest firing. For further info call 910/464-1453.

Work by Chris Luther of Chris Luther Pottery

Jugtown Pottery will have a new firing with Copper Red, Peach Bloom, and Lavender glazed pieces. The Owens will feature vases, tumblers, yunomis and teapots. There will be complimentary dark chocolate on both Friday and Saturday. For further info call 910/464-3266 or visit (

JLK Jewelry at Jugtown will feature new romantic jewelry with red stones and other new creations in a variety of colors. For further info call 910/464-2653 or visit (

Visit  ( for direct  links to the individual pottery websites. You can pick up the brochure for the Busbee Road section of the Seagrove pottery area at the NC Pottery Center, all NC Welcome Centers and at any of the shops along Busbee Road.

First Celebration of Seagrove Potters Festival a Success

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I did not get to attend this first time event in Seagrove, NC, although I wanted to. I did the next best thing, I kept in touch by reading the blogs of the various blogging potters who were getting ready for this event – and reports of how things were going – hours after they happened.

Over the last four or five months I have been watching the events unfold during this rebirth of unity between Seagrove area potters. Outsiders were trying to divide this small community of artisans in a power play for control – threatening the existence of the NC Pottery Center and many of their financial futures.

The majority of the Seagrove potters banded together to help save the NC Pottery Center from closing its doors (see other blog entries) and forged a new path to the future in creating the Celebration of Seagrove Potters festival – which took place last weekend.

The opening Gala was a sellout, the festival attracted 5,000 happy shoppers, but like all communities – where there is celebration – tragedy is not far behind.

Lisa and Chris Luther of Chris Luther Pottery were one of the 60 participating potteries in the Celebration of Seagrove Potters festival. Chris Luther is a fourth generation potter of the Chriscoe pottery family of Seagrove, NC. In some of the blogs there are pictures of Chris at the festival with a big smile on his face standing in or near his booth – filled with potential customers. There were a lot of smiles on potters’ faces in those pictures.

Putting on this first year festival was a lot of work and took a lot of time in preparation, so many of those smiles were smiles of relief with a hint of strain mixed in. On Saturday night, after the second day of the festival, Chris and his wife were at a fellow potter’s home helping celebrate a 50th birthday when the phone rang and another potter on their way to the party spotted flames coming from their pottery studio. Luckily other potters in the area helped make sure those flames didn’t reach the Luthers’ home, but the studio could not be saved.

This was the second fire to burn down a potter’s studio since I started covering the plight of the NC Pottery Center. Early on the studio of Whynot Pottery had burned down and following the story of their recovery has been intertwined with the story of the Pottery Center’s recovery. So here in the middle of this small community of potters celebration – tragedy strikes again.

I don’t know Chris and Lisa Luther – I’ve never met them and their names never came up while following these recent events, but I feel like I know them – they were part of all that’s been going on in Seagrove.

Linda and I also experienced a loss to fire. Before we were in the business of doing this arts newspaper we ran a custom photo processing business for almost 16 years – back in the days when custom processing meant doing it by hand – before digital photography. When we stopped that business to concentrate on the arts newspaper full time I always felt I had the greatest hobby photography lab in existence – just a short walk away from our house to our backyard garage. It was the best kind of darkroom – the kind you didn’t have to take down every time you finished to recover a part of your home – once I closed the door I could be printing photos in a matter of minutes. The equipment was the best you could have – some they just didn’t make anymore. I looked forward to spending many an hour back there – not printing someone else’s photos, but mine.

Because our son was very young then we had also stored our growing pottery collection back there and most of our photo collection – negatives and all – in safe keeping from eager sticky hands.

One night we were woken up by someone driving by to tell us our garage was on fire. The local volunteer fire department was there quickly, but what the flames didn’t destroy their water hoses finished off.

To this day I can’t go through some things pulled from the destruction – which might be salvaged without getting sick to my stomach. It’s not even easy writing about it. I lost more than 20 years of photography in that fire. We lost a lot in that fire – most couldn’t be replaced by insurance and insurance isn’t meant to replace memories.

So when I read about the success of the potters in Seagrove and then started reading about the Luther’s tradegy – it hit home. You wonder why life is like that. Why in the middle of celebration does tradegy have to come knocking, in our case, or the phone rings in their case?

Well, I’m sure the Luthers will be looked after – they may live in a small community but that community has a big heart and strong will – we’ve seen that in the last months. And, fire is part of a potter’s life – it gives, but it can take too. Like I’ve said before here – don’t mess with potters.

If you want to lend a helping hand – I’m not sure at this point what you can do, but when we find out we’ll let you know. I did read about a Potters Relief Fund booth which was at the Celebration of Seagrove Potters festival, but didn’t see anything about it on the festival’s website.

The Chris Luther Pottery website is (, The pottery address is: Chris Luther Pottery, 4823 Busbee Road, Seagrove, NC 27341. More details later.

Update: We now have the address for the Potters Relief Fund in Seagrove, checks should be marked for Chris Luther. The address to send checks is: The Potters Relief Fund, c/o Caldwell-Hohl Art Works, 155 Cabin Trail, Seagrove, NC 27341, or call @ 336-879-9090. Checks should be made out to the Potters Relief Fund.