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The Big Clay and Blog Exhibit to be Shown at the Campbell House Galleries in Southern Pines, NC, is Almost Here

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I’m sure some of you can’t wait until this exhibit has come and gone and I know one of those people is Meredith Heywood of Whynot Pottery in Seagrove, NC. This was all her idea, and I’m sure she’ll be more careful about expressing those ideas out loud in the future. It’s been a lot of extra work and worry for her, but like all good things – nothing good comes easily.

Work by Angela Walford of Adelaide, Australia

I’m sure Meredith has ended many a day in the last months thinking – “Why didn’t I just stick to my day job?” But thank your lucky stars that there are people like Heywood in this world – they bring us the little extras in life which many times makes the difference. The difference that inspires someone else to do something extra. The difference that makes someone go the extra mile – the difference between do and didn’t.

So what did she do? Well, Meredith Heywood made the pottery “world” a little smaller and brought a taste of it to the Carolinas. And, all you have to do to experience it is go see the exhibit in Southern Pines, and if you can’t do that – at least explore the link mentioned at the bottom of this blog entry.

Works by Emily Murphy of Minneapolis, MN

But if you really want to participate you can click the link to go to the Arts Council of Moore County’s Clay and Blog Online Gallery – where you can buy pottery by participating artists.

Here’s an article we offered in the Oct. 2010 issue of Carolina Arts, plus a few photos of some of the pottery with a link to the potter’s blog.

Arts Council of Moore County in Southern Pines, NC, Offers Exhibit of Blogging Potters

Work by Hitomi Shibata of Seagrove, NC

The Arts Council of Moore County in Southern Pines, NC, will present the exhibit, Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story, featuring works by clay artists from throughout the world, on view at the Campbell House Galleries, from Oct. 1 – 29, 2010.

The exhibition was organized and curated by Meredith Heywood of Whynot Pottery in Seagrove, NC. It is hoped that the exhibit will give a glimpse into the unique community of 50 working potters who are separated by distance, but brought together through the common language of clay and the written word in a digital world. These potters share their lives, skills, thoughts, triumphs and defeats through an on-line medium called a blog or web log.

Works by Hollis Engley of E. Falmouth, MA

Heywood offering the following about how this show came about. “Two years ago I was planning a show with a friend who is a collector. We had planned to pull together a show from the prospective of the maker, buyer and collector. My friend’s life became very busy and we had a fire at our pottery studio. For me during the ups and downs and trials of the fire, I found great strength through writing about what we were going through on my blog. But what pulled it all together for me were the comments which came back from the readers. The positive reinforcement that I needed was out there. I was not alone. I was also touched at how sharing the potters were. They were willing to share what they have learned and encourage other potters to step out and try new things.”

Work by Jim Gottuso of Louisville, KY

“I found that different potters blog for different reasons. The blogs run from very personal to very business- like, but none of them are without that personal element. The blogs are like daily or weekly diaries into the life of a potter. Some make me laugh and some make me think. But what I found was a real connection between me and what was being written.”

Work by Michael Mahan of Seagrove, NC

The idea to organize an exhibit featuring works by these blogging potters evolved and before Heywood knew it, the blog connections had spread from Seagrove throughout the US, into Canada and Europe – going as far away as Australia.

Works by Tracey Broome of Chapel Hill, NC

The exhibition includes works by the following artists and bloggers: Blanie Avery, Seagrove, NC; Tim Ayers, Lewisville, NC; Zygote Blum, Stockton, CA; Tracey Broome, Chapel Hill, NC; Kyle Carpenter, Asheville, NC; Meagan Chaney, Ocala, FL; Joe & Christy Cole,Mineral Point, WI; Barbara Edwards, Berkeley, CA; Hollis Engley, E. Falmouth, MA; Carole Epp, Saskatoon, Canada; Dan Finnegan; Fredericksburg, VA; Doug Fitch, Devon, United Kingdom; Bruce Gholson & Samantha Henneke, Seagrove, NC; Jim Gottuso, Louisville, KY; Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC; Peter Gregory, Otago, New Zeagland; Patricia Griffin, Cambria, CA; Mark & Meredith Heywood, Seagrove, NC; Kari Weaver Hopkins, Burnsville, NC; Paul Jessop, Ilminster, United Kingdom; Michael Kline, Bakersville, NC; Po-Wen Liu, Greensboro, NC; Chris Luther, Seagrove, NC; Michael Mahan, Seagrove, NC; Renee Margocee, Charleston, WV; Jeff Martin, Boone, NC; Hannah McAndrew, Castle Douglas, United Kingdom; Jennifer Mecca, York, SC; Pru Morrison, Brisbane, Australia; Emily Murphy, Minneapolis, MN; Ron Philbeck, Shelby, NC; Brandon Phillips, Abilene, TX; Gary Rith, Ithaca, NY; Mel Robson, Brisbane, Australia; Cindy Shake, Anchorage, AK; Kitty Shepherd, Granada, Spain; Hitomi & Takuro Shibata, Seagrove, NC; Judy Shreve, Johns Creek, GA; Annie Singletary, Black Mountain, NC; Alex & Nancy Solla, Trumansburg, NY; Linda Starr, Lecanto, FL; Joy Tanner, Bakersville, NC; Judi Tavill, Rumson, NJ; Julia Wilkins, Mountain West, UT; and Angela Walford, Adelaide, Australia.

You can make your own connection with these bloggers by visiting Heywood’s blog at ( At the top of her blog page is a link to the other 50 blogs.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Arts Council at  910/692-4356 or visit (

Upcoming Events in Seagrove, NC, for Those Who Plan Ahead

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Believe it or not – there are a few folks who don’t know about Seagrove, NC – the center of North Carolina pottery. I mean – most around the world who know anything about clay – know about Seagrove, but some folks still don’t and a few others appreciate a heads up on events taking place there.

When I want to know what going on there I just check out a few of the blog links we have listed to the right including: Around and About with Bulldog Pottery; Whynot Pottery Blog; or Three Corners Clay. You can usually find info there or at any number of the blog links offered by these blogs.


Then I go to the website of the Seagrove Area Potters Association where they have an events section which is pretty informative.

And, of course you can always check us out – we usually have posted something about Seagrove – just click the Category – About Seagrove Pottery on the right side of the page.

So, what’s up or what’s coming up?


Well a good first stop in any visit to Seagrove is the NC Pottery Center. They are currently offering the exhibit, The Pottery of Buncombe County, A Historical and Contemporary Overview, on view through July 31, 2010.

Work by Kyle Carpenter

Plus, you can always find out what’s going on at the NC Pottery Center. They are an important resource for info about North Carolina pottery and pottery activities all over the region.

Works from Caldwell-Hohl Artworks

On July 17, 2010, there is the Caldwell-Hohl Artworks Garden Party. This is a fun day of music, pottery, garden art and light refreshments. the event is held at their studio in Seagrove from 10am – 5pm. Enjoy tours of the studio and log cabin. For more information call 336/879-9090 or e-mail to (

It seems like there is not much going on in July, but we learned during our coverage of the 2nd Annual Cousins in Clay event, that a lot more may be in the planning – we just don’t know about them yet and some folks seems to be shy about getting the word out. So, it’s always good to beat the bushes for last minute updates as to what’s going on.

Now, getting back to what we do know. The NC Pottery Center will be opening a new exhibit entitled, Pottery from the Coastal Carolina Clay Guild, on view from Aug. 13 through Nov. 13, 2010. So if you’ve visited the Pottery Center recently you’ll have a reason to return – as if you need one.

You can get a two for one by visiting Seagrove on Aug. 14, 2010, for the second Seagrove Potters for Peace event. This event was first inspired by Greg Mortenson’s book Three Cups of Tea and his Central Asia Institute (CAI) which builds schools in remote, impoverished areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some of the potters of Seagrove wanted to help build schools too. This year’s event, Turning Stoneware into Schools, will be held on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010 from 9am to 5pm.

Young girls from Pakistan

Twenty-four potteries, a jeweler and a soap-maker are part of the Seagrove Potters for Peace this year. (Please note this group could grow with time.) A variety of vessels, including mugs, tea bowls and tumblers will be for sale, as well as miniature vases, jewelry and handmade soap. Proceeds will be donated to CAI. Copies of Mortenson’s books will also be available at some potteries.

Each pottery will produce a unique item, specially signed for this event. The pottery will be for sale at the individual shops on Saturday. There will be no early sales, but any remaining items can be ordered by e-mail or telephone on Monday, Aug. 16, 2010 from participating potteries.

To learn more about Greg Mortenson, his books, or the Central Asia Institute  – click on this link.

Related Event: The Randolph Friends of the Library will hold a community discussion about Afghanistan and Mortenson’s work on Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010, at 7pm, at the Randolph Arts Guild, 123 Sunset Ave in downtown Asheboro, NC (just 12 miles from Seagrove). The discussion will be led by Dr. Jeff Jones, associate professor of Russian and world history at UNC-Greensboro. All ages are welcome. Copies of Mortenson’s books and a variety of pottery vessels will be for sale. Change will be collected for “Pennies for Peace”. Refreshments will be served.

Sid Luck

The next event in August will take place at Luck’s Ware Pottery Shop on Aug. 28, 2010 – Luck Legacy 12th Annual Kiln Opening, featuring Sid Luck, his past and present apprentices, and a groundhog kiln opening. The event starts at 9am and continues until 3pm with the Kiln opening taking place at 10am. Join them for BBQ, cold drinks, and bluegrass music by Steel Magnolia. For further info call 336/879-3261 or e-mail to (

Image from 2008 kiln opening

I’m going to skip September for now, only because I don’t know of anything going on in Seagrove in that month, but I’d bet my paper that something – several events will be taking place during that month.

So, at this point I’m jumping to October, 2010, and to Southern Pines, NC – not far from Seagrove, to an event which is the brain-child of Meredith Heywood of Whynot Pottery in Seagrove. Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story is an exhibit which will be presented at The Campbell House Galleries, from Oct. 1 – 29, 2010. This is the home of the Moore County Arts Council in Southern Pines. (That’s right, you’re thinking golf.)

Work by Jennifer Mecca of York, SC

This exhibition will give viewers a glimpse into a unique community of 50 working potters (some from Seagrove) who are separated by distance, but brought together through the common language of clay and the written word in a digital world. These potters share their lives, skills, thoughts, triumphs and defeats through an on-line medium called a blog or web log.

So here’s a chance to see some international pottery. Oh, and did I mention Carolina Arts is a media sponsor of this exhibit? Well, we are.

For more information and a list of participating blogging potters visit
( and click the link at the top of the page.

Make your plans now.