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The Wells Gallery in Charleston, SC, Features Exhibit of Works by John Michiels

Thursday, January 12th, 2012


Editor’s Note: Sorry, we have to correct the dates of this show.

The Wells Gallery in Charleston, SC, will present the exhibit, Quiet Space, featuring over 15 photographs by John Michiels, on view from Jan. 3 – 31, 2012. A reception will be held on Jan. 26, from 5:30-7:30pm.

Michiels’ creative spirit was evident from the beginning, but it took years of study, practice and experimentation before he developed his signature style that some have described as southern gothic. He absorbed and applied the principles of photography as espoused by Adams, Weston, Sexton and other photographers he admired, first emulating their techniques, then incorporating what he learned into his own artistic vision. In his smooth and detailed photographs, you will be able to see why Michiels loves to “play” the gray scale. “I chose monochrome photography because it simplifies and emphasizes my subject matter. I love the mood and feeling it conveys.”


Michiels’ photographs began winning awards in high school, encouraging him to pursue photography as the medium for his creative expression. He continues to gain recognition at the annual Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibit in Charleston, receiving 6 ribbons, including two for first place and a best of show/Mayor’s Purchase Award.

After working in a traditional darkroom for 25 years, Michiels gave it up in 2006 for digital printmaking after studying with John Cone and his staff at Cone Editions in Vermont. “Mr. Cone is widely recognized as a pioneer in digital printing. He’s the go-to printer for some of the most highly regarded artists in the world.”

“While at Cone Editions, I had the opportunity to use their printers and John’s Piezography ink-sets. This was the first time I’d seen digital pigment prints of my work and even though they had a different feel, the quality completely rivaled my darkroom prints,” say Michiels. Piezography inks are a monochrome set of pure carbon pigment inks and are unparalleled for tonal-range, sharpness and stability.

“I’m glad I spent so many years making gelatin-silver prints,” adds Michiels. “That irreplaceable knowledge gained in the darkroom, gave me an solid foundation for digital print making. I’m able to hold my carbon pigment prints to the highest standards.”

Michiels works with medium and large format and digital cameras, He personally completes every step of the printmaking process including framing. His photographs are produced, mounted and framed using archival processes and the finest materials. Current prints are offered in editions of 45 or less.

National and international art lovers, business owners and interior designers collect his South Carolina Lowcountry photographs.

For further information call the gallery at 843/853-3233 or visit (