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South Carolina Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Forms to Help SC’s Artists

Monday, October 25th, 2010

It’s good to see that the SC Arts Commission is finally getting around to providing SC’s artists a service that has been in NC for over 20 years. North Carolina Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts is a network of lawyers in North Carolina with experience in art law issues. Find info at this link.

Although I had to get the info from a third party involved – not the SC Arts Commission, I don’t mind saying this is a good thing.

Better late than never, but pretty late compared to our neighbors – who they always say they try to work in conjunction with.

Here’s the info:

The University of South Carolina School of Law in Columbia, SC, has partnered with area arts organizations to give them and the low-income artists they represent a new resource for legal assistance.

The South Carolina Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts will offer an online service that provides pro-bono assistance to the arts community.

This new resource is available at (

The SCVLA is a project of the school’s Pro Bono Program and Nonprofit Organizations Clinic, as well as the SC Arts Commission and the SC Bar Pro Bono Program. It refers those needing legal assistance to lawyers who have agreed to donate their time.

“This collaboration has been in the works for many years,” said Ken May, executive director at the SC Arts Commission. “We’re proud to see that it has come to fruition and is now providing the South Carolina arts community with this valuable service.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the law school to expand its relationship with the communities surrounding it,” said Walter F. Pratt Jr., dean of the School of Law. “Building on our nationally known Pro Bono Program, this new venture will allow even more students to learn the value of service to their community while, at the same time, acquiring skills that will make them better lawyers in the future.”

The service uses an online application system to gather facts from artists and arts organizations to match them with appropriate legal representation. SCVLA, cannot assign an attorney to a specific client, nor can it assist all clients. Some clients may be referred to an attorney outside the program.

Artists and arts organizations seeking legal advice or lawyers interested in volunteering their service can visit ( to complete an online application.