Tracking the Numbers for the First Ten Days of the Sept. 2011 Issue of Carolina Arts


It seems another holiday took the steam out of our launch of the Sept. 2011 issue of Carolina Arts – at least in the first ten days of the month. The Sept. issue was put up on the Internet on the evening of Aug. 31, just before another long holiday weekend started and I’m sure many folks were concentrating on what is supposed to be the last gasp of Summer. They’re last chance to goof off.

Maybe if you live in North Dakota. We here in the Carolinas will still be enjoying Summer – heat that is – for a few more months. Maybe to a lesser extent in North Carolina, but they don’t call it South Carolina for nothin’ – we’ll still be feeling some heat. But, hopefully less humidity.

So, due to another interfering holiday the downloads during the first ten days of Sept. came in at just 29,593. In August – the dog days of Summer, but holiday free, the downloads for the first ten days were 43,731. So, you can see the effects of a holiday on the launch of a new issue. But, we might make that up over the rest of the month. We’ll see.

Our second place winner, as always, is the (other) count with 19,865, but a surprise third place winner is the June 2011 issue which came in with 2,129 downloads. This knocked the mysterious cult following of our March 2011 issue, out of third place, which is slipping in it popularity by only bringing in 673 downloads.

Our February 2011 issue brought in 541 downloads, followed by our January 2011 issue with 413 downloads and August 2011 with 360 downloads. The July 2011 issue came in with 269 downloads and looked who showed up after a long absence – May 2011 had 26 downloads. There is still no sign of the April 2011 issue. I don’t exactly know why these issues has fallen on such low interest. They had lots of good stuff in them.

If you haven’t checked out our Sept. 2011 issue of Carolina Arts you can find it at ( And, if you haven’t sent the link to your e-mail list yet – the link is (

We sure appreciate you helping us spread the word and it helps you too – if you’re part of that issue and who isn’t? And, if you’re someone who just loves the visual arts in the Carolinas – I bet your friends and contacts might feel the same way too. So, send them the link and get them hooked on Carolina Arts.

We’ll report the total amounts after the end of the month.

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