Chasing Tornados in Seagrove, NC

Real hard core pottery lovers don’t let reports of the deadliest storm system of the year stop them from attending the Celebration of Seagrove Potters Spring Kiln Openings in Seagrove, NC. And for all those who stayed home in fear of what they might run into in Seagrove, we see more rain, thunder and lightening on any given afternoon – all summer long, here at the lake and FYI – a tornado struck a church about 10 miles from our home today.

Photo from Post & Courier newspaper in Charleston, SC

So tomorrow when the weather is great, all you fair-weather pottery lovers will be able to safely follow in the foot prints of the more adventuresome travelers. The potters in Seagrove still have plenty of fine pots waiting for you. Go get some.

More about my day later.

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