Tracking the Numbers of the July 2011 Issue of Carolina Arts in the First Ten Days of July


Well, as expected the 4th of July holiday weekend took its toll on our loyal readers. The paper was launched before midnight of July 1, which was a Friday – departure day for many people getting ready to celebrate our independence or start their Summer vacations.

On Saturday I looked at the first days results and when I saw just 13,000 downloads I knew it was going to be a bad weekend for Carolina Arts. I think there was less then 200 downloads of the paper on Saturday and Sunday and less than 50 on the 4th. But the celebrating had to stop sometime and we all don’t get vacations – as least during this time of the year, so, we knew some people would be returning to the grind. And as those ten days passed by the download count improved with over 4,000 downloading the paper on Sunday July 10.

Our total downloads for the first ten days in July came in at 29,544 – a respectable number considering the slow start. I make no predictions as to where we will be by the end of July, but things are looking up.

The rest of the numbers include: (other) 18,353; the Mar. 2011 issue attracted 2,417 downloads; Feb. came in at 146; Jan. with 73; and one of are lost issues – May showed back up with 38 downloads. Still no sign of any downloads for the Apr. issue. Can’t figure this one out.

The rest depends on those folks who have been (or will be) e-mailing the link of the paper around and those who post notices on blogs, twitter and Facebook.

These are the dog days of Summer, but there is still a lot to see and do out there – 57 pages worth – found in our July 2011 issue of Carolina Arts(

You can look at things in all different ways, and in one way, this July issue will be our biggest and most read July issue in our 24 year history. Not bad. And the month is long from over.

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