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April 2012 Brings Showers of Downloads for Carolina Arts – Tracking the Numbers

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Our April 2012 issue of Carolina Arts, at the time, was the largest issue we had produced to date – 79 pages, but that distinction was short lived when our May 2012 issue came in at 82 pages. But the April issue set another record which might be hard to beat when by the end of the month it had generated 112,795 downloads. The previous winner was January 2012 with 84,244 downloads – that’s a jump of 28,551.


One of the reasons for this big jump was the fact that we featured works by Colin Quashie, an artist from Charleston, which were from an exhibit showing at Redux Contemporary Arts Center in Charleston, SC, dealing with slavery and how it might be marketed today. Those images caught a lot of people’s attention and they spread the word around.

From the minute we launched the April issue the downloads came in fast and by Friday the 13th the numbers had passed the 100,000 mark  – a figure Linda and I only dreamed of reaching – sometime in the future. But instead of falling off after the first ten days – which is the norm with us – the downloads kept coming until the 24th of May when they took the traditional dive.


Those numbers represented a lot of new viewers for Carolina Arts and when those new viewers discovered our paper, some discovered that we didn’t just start publishing this paper last month. So, we also saw in April, 18,751 downloads of previous issues of Carolina Arts – giving us a total of 131,546 downloads of copies of Carolina Arts in April.

And, the April 2012 issue is now a contender to knocking our cult issue (March 2011) off its perch as the all time download king for attracting downloads long after the issue was first published. The April 2012 issue has already seen 3,658 downloads in May (3 days) – compared to 2,133 for the March 2011 issue. Competition is good.


The March 2011 issue didn’t do too bad in April either with 7,581 downloads. It will be a hard climb for April 2012 to overtake March 2011 – as from launch date in March 2011 that issue has seen 166,378 downloads. It’s very popular, but if any issue can knock it out of first place – I’m betting April 2012 can do it. We’ll see.

May 2012 is off to a good start but we won’t know anything about how good until the end of the month.

I had hoped to get away from counting beans, but people just keep pulling me back into it. But, you know what – I don’t mind as long as it’s good news. And I think it’s great news.

Tracking the Download Numbers for the April 2012 Issue of Carolina Arts

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

At the first of the year I stated that I was finished with giving monthly reports on how the paper was doing as far as downloads go – once as a first ten day report and than again at the end of the month. And it’s been great reporting in my commentary in the paper that ever since the Dec. 2011 issue we have been seeing over 80,000 downloads a month.

But now, we reached a new level that I think deserves reporting – mostly because so many people are responsible in helping distribute this paper by forwarding on my monthly notice that the paper is ready to be downloaded to their friends and contacts by e-mail. I’ve described this process compared to me throwing a stone into a body of water and as that wave from that stone reaches others around the Carolina visual art community they throw a stone which reaches others who repeat the process. It’s a process where many waves are heading in all directions. Those waves are most active in the first ten days of the month. Sometimes a few stones are thrown later in the month and a few might get tossed near the end of the month. But, the bulk of the downloads each month come in the first ten days of the month.

I want to thank all those folks who are part of that process and hope they keep it up each month. Because of you I can report that in the first nine days of April there have been 90,126 downloads of the April 2012 issue of Carolina Arts – amazing!!! I couldn’t wait for the results of day ten to tell you this news.

Up to this point our largest number of downloads for an issue came is Jan. 2012 with 84,244 downloads. I was thinking that with that number coming in January we could slowly climb higher and higher by May and June, but February and March saw a slight dip – still over 80,000, but not climbing.

Out of the blue, our April issue became our largest issue to date with 79 pages and we made the decision to go back and rerun an article about an exhibit by Colin Quashie that we included in our March issue, but this time feature his works on our cover and a few pages inside the paper – at a larger size than usual. We can’t tell if it was the bigger issue or Quashie’s images that drew so much more attention to the paper, but we’re very glad to see these numbers. But, it’s my guess that the images had a lot to do with it.

Plantation Monopoly (Entire Game) by Colin Quashie, 20” x 20”, Print on Masonite Board. Photo by Rick Rhoads.

There’s no telling what the end of the month will bring. The downloads could drop like a lead brick or go somewhere we have only dreamed of seeing. But we thought you might like to know this info and frankly I was dying to tell you.

If for some reason you haven’t downloaded this issue the link is ( And if you would like to throw some stones of your own in the water – use that same link. You could be part of something historic.

Tracking the Numbers for the First Ten Days of the Oct. 2011 Issue of Carolina Arts

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011


What a difference a holiday makes – or the lack of one makes when it comes to downloads of our Oct. 2011 issue of Carolina Arts. Last month, in the first ten days of Sept. we had 29,593 downloads. We ended up Sept. with a total of 37,344 downloads. In the first three days of Oct. (without a holiday) we had over 38,000 downloads and by day ten – our total was 55,160.

Our Oct. 2011 issue was our largest issue ever with 76 pages of visual arts, so if we just get some decent downloads during the rest of the month we could surpass the all time download winner – May 2011 – which brought in 61,199 downloads. Can that be possible? I don’t know, but I’ve probably already jinxed it.

If you haven’t downloaded the Oct. 2011 issue yet – the magic link is ( It takes a few minutes to download depending on you internet speed, but I’ve been told by some it’s a great issue.

The other numbers for downloads of previous issues are as follows:

June 2011 – 351
March 2011 – 346
July 2011 – 206
January 2011 – 50
August 2011 – 30
September 2011 – 29

The other issues didn’t show up in the top 200.

I want to thank all those folks who are sending our download link out to their e-mail list, posting the link and notice on their Facebook pages, and spreading the news any other way you can. It really makes a difference in how many people see the paper and more and more of them are requesting to be put on our list that we send out at the beginning of each month.

We’ll report back after the end of the month on the monthly totals.

Tracking the Numbers of the August 2011 Issue of Carolina Arts in the First Ten Days of August

Friday, August 12th, 2011


Well, the numbers are much better this month – especially since we had no holiday to compete with at the beginning of the month.

This month in the first ten day, the August 2011 issue of Carolina Arts was downloaded 43,731 times – compared to just 29, 544 in the first ten days in July. In fact, we had more downloads of the paper in the first two days of August than in all of July. We’re still dealing with the dog days of Summer, but that’s 4 times the amount of papers we use to print in the old days. People sure do like the easy access they have to Carolina Artsnow that it’s available online at (

The (others) came in at 18,672 – just 300 more that at the same time in July. But pay no attention to that number – we don’t know what it represents.

In those same ten days our website attracted 204,908 hits and 28,641 sessions – where people spent time calling up various pages from this month and pages from all the way back to July 1999.

The count for those who are downloading our previous issues is as follows:

March 2011 – 853 – a real drop from last month, but still the all time leader.

June 2011 – 260 – a big improvement since there was no count during the first ten days in July.

July 2011 – 213 – which was good – lots of info in that issue is still current.

February 2011 – 60 – probably first time visitors checking out older issues or artists who are still checking it out to see if their images are still part of that issue. We don’t usually take any thing out of past issues – history is history.

The Jan. 2011, Apr. 2011, and May 2011 issue were a no show in the top 1000 on our stats list. Hopefully they will gain some readers by the end of the month.

That’s the numbers so far – check back at the end of the month for the totals.

I want to thank all those people who went to our Facebook page and did a “like” for Carolina Arts. I made a special request in my e-mail blast at the beginning of the month when we announced the new issue was ready. If you haven’t done that yet – please do at (

And, if you have never sent the link for the paper out to your e-mail list, but would like to spread the news about the Carolina visual art community, the link is (

Tracking the Numbers of the July 2011 Issue of Carolina Arts in the First Ten Days of July

Monday, July 11th, 2011


Well, as expected the 4th of July holiday weekend took its toll on our loyal readers. The paper was launched before midnight of July 1, which was a Friday – departure day for many people getting ready to celebrate our independence or start their Summer vacations.

On Saturday I looked at the first days results and when I saw just 13,000 downloads I knew it was going to be a bad weekend for Carolina Arts. I think there was less then 200 downloads of the paper on Saturday and Sunday and less than 50 on the 4th. But the celebrating had to stop sometime and we all don’t get vacations – as least during this time of the year, so, we knew some people would be returning to the grind. And as those ten days passed by the download count improved with over 4,000 downloading the paper on Sunday July 10.

Our total downloads for the first ten days in July came in at 29,544 – a respectable number considering the slow start. I make no predictions as to where we will be by the end of July, but things are looking up.

The rest of the numbers include: (other) 18,353; the Mar. 2011 issue attracted 2,417 downloads; Feb. came in at 146; Jan. with 73; and one of are lost issues – May showed back up with 38 downloads. Still no sign of any downloads for the Apr. issue. Can’t figure this one out.

The rest depends on those folks who have been (or will be) e-mailing the link of the paper around and those who post notices on blogs, twitter and Facebook.

These are the dog days of Summer, but there is still a lot to see and do out there – 57 pages worth – found in our July 2011 issue of Carolina Arts(

You can look at things in all different ways, and in one way, this July issue will be our biggest and most read July issue in our 24 year history. Not bad. And the month is long from over.